White Automobile

White Automobile White Automobile White Automobile


White Automobiles were manufactured in Cleveland, OH from 1900-1918. Along with Packard, the White was the first to have a self-starter. Leon Rubay was hired in 1915 to head the Pleasure Vehicle Department. Rubay was a prominent auto body manufacturer who had a profound effect on the White vehicles creating superior styling and body work for the White passenger cars. Rubay stayed with the company for only a year but his influences were profound. After Rubay's departure he created his own manufacturing company which White continued to use to body thier most luxurious automobiles.

Our days WHITE automobiles are very and very rare
Just few are left ourdays.

Just 14 uints of this presdent class 7 seat car were made in 1915.
This beautiful example of prewar car starts and runs.
Aluminium body, rust free.
Original engine, gearbox.
Good chrome, original lamps, windows.
New roof.

This rare White will be a pearl of any collection.

Price: ASK 000 eur
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